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From my home studio, I can promptly provide you with broadcast-quality spoken-word audio ready to go for your project, or for further post-production on your end.  It is equipped with sE2200 and Stellar X2 microphones and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, in a lovingly acoustic-treated booth. My DAW is Reaper, and I also use Izotope RX10 in editing. Wanna hear the result?

If you like, you can "sit in" on my session by phone, Skype, or Zoom and direct me live from anywhere you might be. This often means less time wasted back-and-forth working out details, combined with the opportunity to guide my performance toward your goals, in real time. And sometimes it's just nifty to glimpse behind the scenes!  If you'd rather use your time elsewhere, no worries. I'll record on my own and send you your completed audio in whatever format and delivery method you prefer.

Should you prefer to record via Source Connect or ISDN, Minneapolis has many good recording studios. This option comes with added costs, and scheduling with a third party may take a bit of extra time. Recording on your end also comes with some positives, so if you prefer this option I would be happy to arrange time in one of my local studios.


Let's make something awesome!

Highly directable

My first priority is getting you the performance you want. I welcome your input, and quickly pivot to give you exactly the results you ask for. You can even listen in on recording and give feedback in real time!


Technical terms in your medical or e-learning script won't slow me down! Having someone who understands your text means you get a smoother, more meaningful result. My script analysis skills will benefit any project.

Home pro studio

My quality home studio means I can be available at the drop of a hat. Should you prefer to book a third-party studio, there are several in my metropolitan area. Options are good!

Easy to work with

It's my job to make your job easier. I'm flexible, a good communicator, and committed to making every encounter effective and pleasant. I genuinely look forward to collaborating with you!

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