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Diana McCleery -- Bio



Raised in Memphis, TN by Midwestern parents who were both teachers, learning has always been a part of Diana's life.

She's grateful for a breadth of experiences that not many people have had. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Memphis. She spent high school working in a Nature Center, focused on animal rehabilitation, trail maintenance, and live animal demonstrations; she knows how to pick up a snapping turtle while calmly describing its life and habitat. She has been a school bus driver and trainer, and works at a Performance and Art camp called Adventures in Cardboard. She's been a Childbirth Educator, lived in a house full of Rocky Horror roommates, produced comedy on YouTube, and camped alone for weeks in the English countryside. She can cook you a meal from wild foods, or crochet you a doll. Get to know her and you'll hear about even more skills and adventures. Diana has lived a colorful life, and can bring a unique depth to your project.

Intelligent and intuitive.
Genuine and professional.

Versatile and natural.


Who is she?

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How did she get here?

Her grandmother was an actress and radio personality in Palm Beach, FL for decades, and her mother was also an actor; performance is in her blood. A "drama kid" since grade school, she carries on the love of her family craft. Diana never strayed too far from the stage, but her heart was in voice acting. 

Following professional voice-over coaching and podcasting, she has found this career to be an ideal way to draw on her varied life experience, seeing all her travels literal and metaphorical as having been preparation for this journey all along. It's been a place of self-discovery, and she's honored to share it with all the people with whom she works in this crazy and welcoming industry.

Diana is a member of the National Association of Voice Actors, and makes her home in Minneapolis with her husband, neuroatypical teenage daughter, and a gentlemanly old cat. In what spare time she has, she does arts and crafts including papier-mâché and fiber arts, listens to Metallica and 80s Post Punk, and tries to keep up with a Geekdom or two.

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